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Online sports results reporting just got a whole lot easier!

Sport Coordinators Rejoice!

A user friendly, affordable team entry and results recording system that can be utilised for a variety of sports is yours for the taking!

MyCo Sports will save you hours of painstaking team listing and result entries with a system that caters for all levels of computer abilities  whilst still embracing the latest technology.

Key System Features

MyCo Sports is a web-based team entry and result recording system.

It can be utilised for athletics, cross country, swimming, plus more specialist sporting events such as snow skiing, lifesaving, and triathlon or the adaptability of the system allows you to create your own program to cater for other sports.

Key features include:

  • Once only upload of participants details from your school database so you don't have to type full names or look up date of birth
  • Suitable for Athletics, Cross Country, Swimming, Snow Skiing, Lifesaving, and a variety of other sports as you can customise your program
  • Teams can submit their entries directly into the system via the allocated competition code (access restricted to their own team)
  • Our system has been built by award winning Kiandra IT, so you will always be kept up to date with technological advances
  • MyCo Sports can provide assistance in setting up your competition, including tailored scoresheets
  • Myco Sports works directly from your web browser or from your personal computer
  • Ability to save to Excel or print details
  • Compatible with iPads/Android tablets in all aspects of the carnival including Team Entry, Marshalling and Live Scoring
  • Results entered automatically progress ready to send as an entry form to the next level
  • Scores calculated automatically as you enter placing's
  • Ability to filter results by team, competitor or event so you can isolate the performances you want to see. Great for report writing as you can see all activities a student has been involved and their results!!
  • Representative Trial feature including ability to assess participants on a key criteria grid directly via a laptop or iPad/Android tablet
  • All information is stored in a Private Cloud Solution so you won't risk losing any of your data
  • As this is a web based program, MyCo Sports can make changes to the system at short notice to further accommodate your needs. No need for you to check you have the latest version.


some answers to common questions

What does web-based mean?

A web-based system means the system is accessible from anywhere you have internet access. This means that you can use the system at your desk or on the train while planning the competition, then on event day you can be at the venue and generate the results immediately

Do I have to use the internet on event day?

No, you have a choice. You can download the event day component of the system and work offline in an excel file. Results will continue to be captured and all team details available.  You can then upload those results at the press of a button either when you are back at the office or when you have the internet available.

Where does the information get stored?

All data from the system is stored in a Private Cloud Solution which means you do not have to worry about losing any data. This also provides the extra benefit that you will not need to store the information on the school/club server, providing immediate access at any time via your login.

Can the system be purchased and used by several different schools/clubs?

Individual packages belong to the purchasing school/club and only they can set up competitions and enter their own or other participating teams into the competition.  District packages allow all schools within the District to enter their teams via their own unique logins.  However they cannot use it for their own individual schools use.

Does next level progression match into other team entry and result recording systems?

Yes, you can download to Excel, adjust columns (if required) then upload back in to the next level entry form. We also have the facility to download into other formats such as CL2.

What happens if you are working from the internet and you lose contact?

Prior to your event you should always have as a back up, the downloaded excel results document that you can use to continue the event should internet access be limited at your venue.  This document provides all your event, participating teams, and team member details as well as scoring.

Does everyone involved in my competition need to own MyCo Sports system?

No, if someone is not an owner of our system the organiser can send them Excel versions of the event summary and then upload all their information once complete. The person that does not have the system will have no access to results filters, team entry or any other features of the system.

Can I reuse a competition in the years to come?

Yes, once you have set your competition, you can use the same program in the years to come and all you will have to do is enter the new names and DOB's for the program (still won't have to type them though!!)

Can a licensed user access the team entries from another team?

The Event Organiser can see each of the teams within the competition. All other teams participating in the competition can only see their own team.

I am currently a school within a District Package, can I upgrade to an Individual School/Club package?

Yes of course. Just let us know and we will upgrade you to the Individual package, and deduct the payment previously made per school/club from the District package.

Can I change events in the program?

Yes, events can be added, deleted or edited. You can also reorder by the "drag and drop" functionality. All other events numbering will based on the new position.


MyCo Sports is available through a one-off individual school licence or a a district/association group licence.

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